we’ve all got that weird pretty big secret that we don’t really hide but like we don’t flaunt it like “My brother died of cancer” or “I’m gay” or “I tried to kill myself last year” or anything really and when you find out somebody’s big plot twist you know you’re in this friendship for the long run


before i go to sleep i always think about you,
i think about how you could lay here beside me and talk dirty to me,
how we could cuddle and then have sex,
how we could cry together and feel sorry for each other,
how we could laugh and sometimes feel our happiness,
how we it could be us two forever and ever,
i always think about you before i go to sleep.







This guy’s vines give me life

Thomas Sanders is a gift to this world

I have a theory on Thomas Sanders that he can control minds and rather than using this gift for evil, he uses it to make funny vines. Like, a classroom full of kids? mind control. The teacher of the class? mind control. Cop pulls him over? you better believe that dude is gonna sing Don’t Stop Believing with him, mind control. 


King Gavin + “liege”

I’ve spent so long in the darkness,
I’d almost forgotten how beautiful the moonlight is.


i don’t know